Check Quota

Project Shares

Project shares are simple subdirectories which all reside within the same storage volume and fileset. Because of this, you cannot view the storage quota for a particular project share from the machine it is mounted on. The total space available is reported as the space available on the entire volume.

Individual Shares


Individual shares and project shares are different. Project shares are simple directories on one of the storage volumes. Individual shares are what the storage system technology refers to as a fileset.

Filesets appear and operate more like a dedicated storage volume. One advantage of filesets is that you can determine or verify your actual quota by viewing the amount of space available as reported for the mounted drive.

View Mounted Drive Properties

If you map a drive on Windows to the full individual share path including the Unity ID (\\rs1\researchers\u\unityid), you can view the quota by viewing the Capacity of the mounted drive:

  • Right-click on the drive letter
  • Select Properties

Checking space of a mapped drive on Windows for an individual share fileset mounted directly

If you map a drive to a parent directory path or to the root of the individual share volume, you will not be able to determine the quota in this manner. Instead, you will see is the size of the entire volume: Individual share not mounted directly

View dir Command Output

Regardless of the path used to mount an individual share, you can view the quota of a share by running the dir command on a share directory.

  • Open a command prompt
  • cd to your individual share directory
  • Run th dir command

dir output of individual share not mounted directly

If the command prompt isn’t located in the individual share directory and you don’t specify the path to the share directory as an argument to the dir command, the bytes free value will be that of the entire volume: dir output of individual share parent directory not mounted directly


View df Command Output

Regarless of the path used to map an individual share, you can use the df command on the individual share directory to view the quota. If your shell is located anywhere in your individual share, you can use the following command to view your quota:

df -h .

df output of individual share on Linux