Research Storage on HPC

Access OIT Research Storage from HPC

See the HPC Documentation pages for information and instructions on how to access and use NC State’s Hazel HPC cluster.

Mount Points

Research Storage volumes are mounted on every login and compute node in the Hazel HPC cluster.

Project Shares

Project Shares are located under:

Project Share Mount Point

Project Shares are organized by the first letter of the project PI’s Unity ID, the PI’s Unity ID, and share name selected for the project. Example:

Project Share Example Path

Individual Shares

Individual Shares are located under:

Individual Share Mount Point

Individual Shares are organized by the first letter of the researcher’s Unity ID and researcher’s Unity ID. Example:

Individual Share Example Path

HPC Job Access

All HPC jobs are run as the user who submitted the job to LSF. The code executed by the job will have the same access to the storage that the user has from an HPC login node shell.

User Access on HPC

Previously, OIT Research Storage could be accessed by the storage owner only on NC State’s Hazel HPC cluster.

The system has been improved so that any user granted access via the Research Storage Manager can access the storage on HPC. You previously needed to use the add-acls script to allow access for these users. This script is no longer necessary and has been discontinued.

To grant access to a user:

  • Navigate to the Research Storage Manager
  • Locate the Project or Individual share you want to grant access to and click the Add Users button under the User Access section.

    You will see the Add Users button if you have permission to configure user access for the particular share. If you do not see the button, you don’t have access to configure user access and you will need to contact the share owner displayed near the top of the share information. The share owner always has permission to configure user access and will need to do so logged in under their account.
  • Search for the user you want to grant access to by entering part of their name or username (Unity ID).
  • Once found, click to select the user.
    You may repeat this process to add multiple users at a time.
  • Click Add.

The page will refresh and you should see the user(s) you granted access to highlighed in green with an orange hourglass icon displayed on the line. The storage system will detect the changes you made and configure access within 30 seconds to 1 minute. Once access has been granted on the storage system, the section of the page will automatically refresh and the orange icon will change to a green checkmark.

Additional Help

If you have any questions problems granting access on HPC, please email Please also email this address for instructions on resetting or removing permissions.