OIT Research Storage

Research Storage Overview

Research Storage is a service provided by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) It has been developed to provide a secure and reliable solution to meet the data storage requirements of campus researchers

Storage Options

  Individual Shares Project Shares
Eligibility All NC State faculty & researchers Any active project in RED
Space Provided 2 terabytes (TB) 2 terabytes (TB)
Base Service Cost $0 $0
Data Retention Remains available for the entirety of the faculty member’s employment at NC State After a project is closed out, data will be retained according to the requirements of the project sponsor for a maximum of 10 years
Backed-up Daily Yes Yes
Self-Managed Yes, by the researcher using OIT’s Research Services Web Portal Yes, by any investigators listed on the project using OIT’s Research Services Web Portal
Department-Managed Yes, by IT staff granted access to manage storage for the researcher’s department using OIT’s Research Services Web Portal Yes, by any investigator’s departmental IT staff who’ve been granted access to manage their department’s storage using OIT’s Research Services Web Portal

Individual Shares

Individual Research Storage shares are intended to provide a flexible location for researchers to store their research data. The data may or may not be tied to a particular project.

User Access

The researcher who owns the individual share gets full access to the share by default. No other users receive access by default but access can be configured for anyone with an NC State Unity ID.

Additional Storage Space

Modest requests for additional storage space may be provided by OIT at no charge if an individual researcher or project has storage requirements that exceed the base offerings. OIT will try to accommodate all requests but makes no guarantees. We must manage capacity to ensure the base offerings can be satisfied for every eligible researcher and project.

Funded Projects

Project teams should contact OIT during the proposal phase if they know their storage requirements will exceed the base offerings. OIT recommends clearly identifying storage requirements in the grant proposal and budget justification. Direct grant funds may be used to acquire additional storage if included in the grant budget justification. It is the responsibility of the project to plan for the cost of excess data retention if the amount of storage consumed after the project’s end date exceeds the size of the base project offering.

Purchasing Additional Space

Additional space may be purchased if an individual researcher or project have storage requirements that significantly exceed the base offerings.


Please contact oit_research_storage@help.ncsu.edu for questions and assistance.